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The Todd’s Valley Miwok Maidu Cultural Foundation was founded in May of 1995 with the goal of preserving the traditional culture and artifacts of the local California Indians and educating the public about California Indian culture. We are based in Todd’s Valley, west of Foresthill, California, in the heart of the Sierra Nevada.

Many members of the Todd’s Valley Miwok Maidu Cultural Foundation are descendants of Miwok, Maidu, and Nisenan cultures and belong to the Colfax-Todd’s Valley Consolidated Tribe. Our ancestors once thrived in the mountains and foothills of the Northern and Central Sierra Nevada.

During the 1800s, an influx of foreign cultures displaced and dispersed these people. The land was taken from them and their tribal connections dissolved. To this day, the descendants of these people struggle to regain their connection to the land, sense of self, and tribal identity.

Our Purpose

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Our mission is to preserve and protect the local California Indian heritage through education, restoration of native land, and celebration of cultural practices.

Through partnerships with public and private landholders in the Todd’s Valley area, we use ancestral practices to restore forestland to the healthy conditions that our ancestors maintained for thousands of years. We also hold workshops and plan to build a cultural center to improve public understanding of the local indigenous culture.

Our vision is that this land will become an educational space that accurately reflects the traditions of local California Indians, a safe place for ceremonial practices, and will help us restore our family ties and tribal identity.